Can my Public Display be used as a meeting room?

What to do if I want to use my public display to show other content than whats configured thru Databeatomni?

OMNIplay3 player

Simply click on the "Source" button on your screens remote control to change the a different source. 



With the LG WebOS remote controller you can press the colored buttons to temporarily display an external source.
- Yellow button for HDMI

- Blue button for DisplayPort

If the external source is active it will display until disconnected or until you press Back on the remote manually.



  • Turn of the screen
  • Turn in it back on
  • While the application is loading you will see the Databeat logo, press the "Home" button.  Databeat logo loading
  • Now press the "Source" button and choose whichever source you want to connect to. 

Meeting room display?
If you regularly connect an external source, we suggest you check out the available options for "Automatic source prioritization" or "Auto source switching" available in the display's settings menu. If available, the display can automatically detect and display your HDMI signal, like a PC or laptop, and then use OMNIplay as a "backup" when no source is available.