In-store user manual for Elgiganten

In this article, we will provide guidelines on how to display up-to-date content for your public display. We will look at General Requirements, Network, Installation, Channels, and how to troubleshoot when a public display doesn't display content.

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General requirements

These are the general requirements for any screen and player:

  • Power
  • Network (Wifi or Lan)

Network connection

Connect the monitor to the network to install and use OMNIplay. Most monitors have access to both Wi-Fi and ethernet, but we always recommend using ethernet for better stability. 


  • Press [Menu]
  • Select Network
  • Select Network Settings
    • Click here for more information

Samsung Network Status


  • Press [Settings]
  • Select Advanced Settings
  • Select Network


  • Press [<
  • Select WiFi or Ethernet
    • Click here for more information

Read more on what network access Databeat OMNIplay requires for use here

Install and start OMNIplay application

OMNIplay works with DatabeatOMNI and is required to play content and display it on the screen. You can install the web application using the remote control.


If the monitor is factory new, the setup is slightly different. Please read more on how to setup OMNIplay on a factory-new Samsung monitor here

  • Press [Menu]
  • Select System
  • Select Play via = URL Launcher

If Play via is unable to adjust, the source has to changed. Change the source to HDMI and retrace the steps as mentioned above. 

Once URL Launcher is set for Play via, we are ready to insert the URL to install OMNIplay from the web application. 

  • Press [HOME]

Samsung URL Launcher

  • Select URL Launcher Settings from the tooltip

On older Samsung versions, you will have to select Change URL on the top right of the interface. In the event that you are installing OMNIplay on an older Samsung monitor, you can skip the next step "Install Web App".

  • Select Install Web App
  • Enter:
NB! Every letter has to be lower case in order for the installation to be completed.

For older Samsung versions, the URL is slightly different:

The installation will now start to download. Press [Home] and select URL Launcher to manually start the application should it not prompt automatically. It will ask for a license key once the OMNIplay application is running. 

  • Enter license key 


  • Hold Settings on remote for 5 to 8 seconds
  • A message box in the upper right corner will appear 
  • Press 8080 and OK to access server settings
  • Set Application Launch Mode = Local
  • Set Fully Qualified Domain Name = On
  • Enter the URL address for WebOS
  • Set Application Type = IPK
  • Set Local Application Upgrade to Remote and press OK on the remote
  • The system will ask to download or upgrade the application from the server
  • Select OK in the dialogue box when the upgrade is complete
  • Select HOME on the remote to open the tooltip
  • Select OMNIplay to start the application
  • Enter License Key

Click here for more information.


The application is already installed on OMNIplay3, and the only thing you need to do is to connect to network, input the license key, and verify an application update. 

Installation of OMNIPlayer3

  • Select Configure to connect to the network
  • Select Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Connect to your local network
  • Once connected, head back to the main page
  • Enter License Key
  • Press Save
  • Player is successfully configured will prompt. Close this box 
  • Press Reboot icon (Circle with arrow) and select Yes
  • An application update will download
  • NB! Google Security Harm will prompt after 100%. You must select Decline or Allow to complete the installation. It will reboot if left untouched. 

Click here for more information. 

Change channel

Once the OMNIplay application is running and a license key has been entered, you will be able to select and change among available channels. Please note that this function requires network to prompt. The name of the channel is generated based on the following criteria: 

  • Country. Example: DK, FI, NO, SE
  • Category. Example: Appendix (Ai), Computing (Ci), Consumer Electronics (Bi)
  • Supplier. Example: Sony, Bose, JBL, Marshall
    • Example: Display Ultimate Ears for speaker table for a store in Finland:
      • FI Bi Speakers UE

Change Channel


  • Press [CH] to open the channel list
  • Use the arrows on the remote to navigate through the channel list
  • Confirm channel selection with the Confirm key

Enter key is located in the middle of the arrows


  • Press [4] to open the channel list
  • Use the arrows on the remote to navigate through the channel list
  • Confirm channel selection with OK


  • Press [] to open the channel list
  • Use the arrows on the remote to navigate through the channel list
  • Confirm channel selection with OK


Black screen

A black screen can come from a variety of reasons but is mainly caused by a lack of power. One can waste much time trying to solve an issue if the real problem is that it only has no power, so let's start with the simplest ones:

  • No Power 
  • Not turned on
  • Take out and insert the power cable
    • Some monitors have a power switch on the back. Make sure this is not toggled off.

Once you can verify that the monitor is connected to power and turned on, we can move over to the more advanced troubleshooting. A helpful tip is to look for error messages on display, which will give you an indication of where the error is located.

  • No valid content in selected channel. No content is published in the channel, or the settings on the media file are not readable, and therefore not able to download and display. Contact Databeat regarding this issue. Databeat will request content from Elkjøp / Elgiganten Nordic.


  • No valid channel subscription. The license key is wrong or no longer available. Contact Databeat to receive a new license key.
    • Press [0] to edit license key. 

No Valid Channel Subscription

  • Please wait, starting up. If the device is stuck on this message, please verify network connection and reboot the player.
    • For LG: If that doesn't do the trick, verify the steps from "OMNIplay Application - LG"

  • Source
    • If OMNIplay is installed through the internal player in the monitor, the monitor has to start the application "OMNIplay" to display content. Press [HOME] to prompt the tooltip and start the application.

Samsung URL Launcher

    • If you are using an external media player (OMNIplay3), the monitor has to display the source in which the media player is connected to. In most cases, this source is HDMI. Press [Source] and select an active source. 

Databeat Support

If you should have any questions, send us an email to Our support team will gladly be of assistance.