Can I target a specific geographical area with the DatabeatOMNI Digital Signage platform?

You have a local campaign for a specific city or a zone. Covid-19 restrictions have been introduced in a specific area. Can I target only the relevant OMNIplayers?


  • DatabeatOMNI link OMNIplayers to Locations, where address, zip, city, country is stored.
  • Each OMNIplay receives this information and downloads relevant weather info to be used for on-screen display or to show conditional content;  ie only when it is raining.
  • In DatabeatOMNI you may create relevant zones and link these to your OMNIplayers for instance, reception, counter, window display, coffee machine and entrance.

This allows you to target selected areas, zones and weather conditions with specific content. Here is how.

Note: This is an OMNIplay pro feature

Where to Start

  • In DatabeatOMNI Pro Main Menu. Select Tab [Media].
  • Select or create Channel 
  • Select or Create Playblock
  • Select tab [General] or [Publish] 
  • Use [General] if you want to define a rule for multiple files (Using Playblock logic) or [Publish] if it is a single or few files.

Both in Playblock settings ([General]) and publish file settings, you will find an option to define relevant criteria to be met for the file to be displayed. This can be weather (temperatures or precipitation) or you want to limit the area where this specific file (or group of files) are to be displayed.

Area Selector (Media - Channel)

In media file or playblock properties, locate the "Area Selector" checkbox. 

Select to open. The UI will display values relevant to your organisation.
You may select and mix different scopes; Country, Cities, Locations and Player Zones (using the the "Zone" field defined in player properties).
For instance :  Zone: Windows display: City Bergen.

Select relevant values, and [OK] to save.
The files will only be distributed and displayed by the selected players.