How to solve waiting for sync on your public display

Learn how to troubleshoot and solve waiting for sync message on your digital signage media player for OMNIplay.

How to solve waiting for sync

Please check the following settings for your OMNIplayer in DatabeatOMNI:

  • SyncPlay is activated on your OMNIplayer, and is waiting for another player with the same SyncPlay GroupID to syncronize their content. Ensure that both players are on the same GroupID, same network, and same channel from DatabeatOMNI player settings. If you don't want to sync content, deactivate the setting.  
  • A file in the selected channel has a name or property that's causing issues. Waiting on sync can be caused if a file name contains "master" or "slave". Edit the file name to remove these particular terms to fix the issue.