What is the difference between Databeat OMNIcast and Databeat OMNIplay?

DatabeatOMNI is a free Screen Publishing platform to publish and distribute rich content with ditto schedules and layouts to Databeat "players" - Databeat OMNIplay and Databeat OMNIcast.

How are OMNIcast and OMNIplay similar

Both Databeat OMNIplay and OMNIcast are software applications or apps. Installed on a supported hardware device (i.e. SoC Monitor, PC, Tablet, Smartphone) the software and hardware become a "player". It plays content according to media plans and layouts designed and published in DatabeatOMNI.

The core concepts of OMNIcast and OMNIplay is similar. They basically work the same way and will play the same content, but there are some distinct and necessary differences.

OMNIcast and OMNIplay are both licensed applications. Trial licenses are available from the Databeat OMNIstore in DatabeatOMNI or from our website.

How are Databeat OMNIcast and OMNIplay different

Databeat OMNIplay is a player for standalone use in a production environment with no signed-in and authenticated user. OMNIplay is the dominant app on the hardware device and starts automatically immediately after boot. OMNIplay requires root/admin access for automatic and unattended updates and remote management.
OMNIplay is our Digital Signage player. It is mostly sold bundled and preinstalled with hardware or can be manually installed from predefined URLs.

A license key is required to activate OMNIplay. It can be obtained from within the DatabeatOMNI publishing platform or on OMNIstore.

Databeat OMNIcast is a player for personal use and requires an authenticated login. It can be downloaded from respective app stores. OMNIcast is only one of several apps on the hardware device and is started and stopped by the user when needed. OMNIcast does not take "ownership" of the hardware device. The user controls the update process similar to other apps. 

Databeat OMNIcast and OMNIplay Available Platforms

Platform From OMNIplay OMNIcast
Apple IOS (including iPad and iPhones) Apple Store    Yes
Android  Google Play   Yes
Amazon Fire  Amazon Store   Yes
Microsoft Windows 10  Microsoft Store   Yes
Samsung Tizen - B2B System On Chip (SoC) URL Yes  
LG WEB OS - B2B System On Chip (SoC) URL Yes  
Microsoft Windows 10 PC platform URL Yes