Encoding and Streaming with DatabeatOMNI

This article describes new DatabeatOMNI Encoding and Streaming features. Why, where and how they can be used.

DatabeatOMNI is a simple (to use) yet very flexible Screen Publishing Platform built for several purposes, Digital Signage is the most typical use today. With new built-in Encoding and Streaming capabilities, the possibilities will be wildly extended. DatabeatOMNI will be a comprehensive publishing platform for all screens big and small. LED, Large Format Displays, Smart TVs, Tablets and Smartphones, showing unprotected and protected content, downloaded or Streamed.

Here,  you will learn more about what we are working with.

DatabeatOMNI adaptive Streaming

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Tech Info

About Adaptive Streaming

Adaptive - or for many Dynamic - Streaming is a concept that allows the streaming server and the streaming client to identify and agree on quality (and size) of the file to be streamed depending on certain criteria, such as bandwidth and screen capacities.
For instance: You have a high-quality 4K file that is to be distributed to several clients including a mix of 4K screens, Full HD screens, Tablets, and Smartphones. These have various capacities and they are connected to LAN,  WLAN, and various mobile networks (4G, 3G, etc). DatabeatOMNI is currently being developed to ensure that the right file is distributed to the right device, downloaded or streamed.

How? As you probably know, higher quality files are larger than those with lower quality and smaller files are distributed faster than bigger files. When capacities are limited for any reason, smaller files are needed to ensure smooth streaming and for some devices, to be displayed at all. DatabeatOMNI lets you define Adaptive Streaming as an option. Based on your settings, DatabeatOMNI servers will automatically create up to seven files encoded for different resolutions and bitrates.  The streaming server and the client will show the file that best fits the purpose, even seamlessly change when possible/needed. (ie available bandwidth is increased or decreased).

A need to harmonize and dynamically adapt the content

One support issue we see a quite often:

A published video file has properties that are OK on some, but unsupported on some other hardware. It could be a Smart TV with limited codec support or it can be that the bitrate or resolution is too high, like a 4k video to an HD screen.

Not all users think of a video file being anything other than a video file, and everything should go everywhere. We agree with this.

DatabeatOMNI will automatically transcode files so that they are compatible with relevant hardware to which it will be distributed.  Instead of simply passing on the same original uploaded file with untested attributes to various players, DatabeatOMNI automatically harmonizes and dynamically adapt files before it is distributed. 4k files are sent to 4K screens, HD to HD screens, and smaller files to Tablets, Phones, etc.

DRM - Digital Rights Management

Another new feature, we are currently implementing is DRM support for Digital Rights Management. With this, you will be able to copy-protect your content and ensure only paying customers are seeing your content. We aim to support Widewine, Playready, and Fairplay so that we at the end will be able to support DRM content to any device. With this, DatabeatOMNI will be a Broadcast Platform, that will have the potential to reach millions of users with all kinds of devices. (Ambition is OK, right ?).

This will be a huge step forward, and a somewhat longer road too (Not September 2019).
DRM itself will be implemented at that time, but it obviously requires a scalable user subscriber concept, subscription models, integration with payment services, etc.
Stay tuned for more updates.

If you are interested in simplified Broadcast, do let us know.