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How to Book Calendar events in DatabeatOMNI

You can create Doorsigns for rooms, people and resources and display overview on various screens directly from your Microsoft or Google calendar. Here is how to add events from DatabeatOMNI to your Google or Microsoft calendar.


Adding events directly into your calendar is normally done directly in the calendar application, such as Microsoft Outlook, of Google G-Suite, but in some instances it makes sense to do it from within DatabeatOMNI. For instance hotels or conference-centers that manage events in an external booking system that is not linked to the calendar system. Adding multiple events in these calendar systems may be cumbersome.

This feature is a Databeat OMNIpro feature, and not available in Databeat OMNI or OMNI+.

  • DatabeatOMNI Main UI. Find Location. In the list of Locations, select relevant Location

Of your calendar is linked, you will.