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How to prepare Samsung Tizen LFDs for Databeat OMNIplay installation.

This article describes how to prepare a new Samsung Tizen (SSSP4, SSSP5, SSSP6) Large Format Display (LFD) for installing Databeat OMNIplay. There are some important small steps that will ensure that the system is running smoothly and stable.

NB ! Before you begin :

Transportation damages are rare, but an expensive mistake to overlook, so please , before you begin, check the physical shipment (cartoon/box) for any possible physical damages (dents, holes, tears etc). Take a picture with your smartphone for any suspicious damages. Also, check inside the box, before taking the LFD out.

An important part of the preparation is to install new firmware. Have ready a USB stick where you place the correct firmware on the root directory of the USB stick.

Current SSP Firmware versions

  • Samsung Tizen 2.4 (SSP4)       T-HKMLAKUC-2080.4
  • Samsung Tizen 3.0 (SSP5)       T-KTMLAKUC-2050.4
  • Samsung Tizen 4.0 (SSP6)     T-KTM2ELAKUC-1140.5

The new DatabeatOMNI setup (available early August 2019) will automate the firmware check and process over the air, but we recommend to have the USB prepared, it saves time.

Prepare LFD

A new, factory reset or newly repaired Samsung LFD will open with a Menu.
This is the starting point of this tutorial. 

1 Menu Language

  • Select Welcome! (English)

2. Display Orientation

How do you want the LFD mounted ? Landscape or Portrait ?

  • Select Mode


4. Auto Power Off

DatabeatOMNI and OMNIplay will control Power on/off. This is important, to avoid black screens when we do not want it.

  • Off (Recommended)


5. Network Settings

The OMNIplay app must connect to DatabeatOMNI servers to operate (receive media plan, files, instructions, to report back to server and generally  be operable).

  • Confirm or change the network settings and follow the instructions as per your network administrator. (For WiFi, you will need to know Network name
    We recommend wired for stability, but WiFi is quicker and cheaper for many. 


6. Clock Set

Correct Date and Time is required to download OMNIplay.

  • Set current date and time


7. Play via

To operate the LFD must be instructed to start with "URL launcher", this is the webpage where from which OMNIplay will be installed.

  • URL Launcher
  • Enter the full URL address :

8. Device Name

Skip Device name, or if required, use the DatabeatOMNI Licensekey.


9. MPORTANT : Verify Samsung settings 

(Samsung menu)

  • Network Standby: Enabled
  • Eco Solution:         Disabled

Thats all, now select URL Launcher to start the LFD. It will connect to the DatabeatOMNI server, download the latest Databeat OMNIplay software and start the setup process.

Configure Databeat OMNIplay for Tizen

Floowing will be removed after Aug 2019 :

License Key (Player Name)

URL Launcher

Enter License Key


Press [Home] if URL Launcher is not displayed. - Press [0] (zero) to reconfigure License Key. - License Key must be correct (Check PO/order) License Key = PlayerID = Player Name Example: NOABCD0001A

10. Verify the last steps before completion

Verify the last steps before completion

  • Auto starts Databeat application
  • Content downloaded and playing
  • Label both display and packaging

Verify the last steps before completion Network Standby enabled Eco Solution disabled Auto starts Databeat application Content downloaded and playing Label both display and packaging

Use the Samsung Remote:

  • Menu/System/Power Control/Network Standby=On
  • Menu/System/Eco Solution/Eco Sensor=Off
  • Reboot to verify automatic start of OMNIplay
  • Press [3] for mediaplan and download status
  • Label info: Player Name and Customer