How to troubleshoot the start-up process of an OMNIplay3

This article will help you fix the problem if your OMNIplay3 hangs up in the boot menu.

The error messages or messages displayed on the screen can help determine where the problem lies during the startup process of an OMNIplay3. If your OMNIplay3 displays "Please wait, starting up ..." or Databeat's logo for an extended period, this article will help you fix the problem.

Please wait, starting up

If your OMNIplay3 has been displaying "Please wait, starting up ..." for an extended period, this may indicate that the OMNIplay3 has hung up at the startup process, or that it is having trouble downloading the necessary information to boot up.

What can you do to get past the startup process and view content from your channel?

  • Disconnect the power cable. Wait for about 10-20 seconds before reconnecting the power cable.

A quick tip: If OMNIplay3 is connected to the network via an RJ45 network cable, this can be disconnected. Connect the power cable only and wait to connect the network cable until the device has booted.

  • Check if the OMNIplay3 network status.

See description for how to check network status in the network article

  • Factory reset the OMNIplay3 device

If none of the above steps have solved the issue, you can perform a factory reset of the OMNIplay3 device. This means deleting all previous configuration and stored data, which will also remove the settings or errors affecting the startup problem.

If you want to factory reset the OMNIplay3 device, then check out this article.