How to get access to download new firmware for my Samsung SSP public display

If your Samsung SSP display can load OMNIplay, this will be done automatically via DatabeatOMNI over the internet (OTA). If the display does not load the app you might need to upgrade firmware manually with a USB stick to get up to date.

If you need access to download Samsung firmware you will need to contact Samsung B2B Support for your country. They can give you access to the correct file based on the model.

Do not try upgrading firmware unless you have confirmed model and firmware version with Samsung B2B Support or Databeat Support.


For a selected few Samsung models and troubleshooting scenarios, we have prepared a download link to specific firmware versions.

DO NOT download and try to upgrade firmware unless instructed by Databeat Support directly. Doing so can cause your device to never work again. The links below are for specific cases where you will need Databeat Support to give you further instructions.

Tizen SSP6 - Tizen SSSP6 Prod - T-KTM2ELAKUC_2220.5 (.MSD - USB Version)


Samsung DB48E - T-GFSLE2AKUC 1047.0 (.MSD - USB version)

T-GFSLE2AKUC_1047.0 MSD for USB upgrade.

When you have prepared a Fat32 USB stick with the file, the next step is to update manually on the device: How do I update the firmware on the Samsung Tizen (SSP) via USB memory stick?