How can I personalize my DatabeatOMNI user interface?

The DatabeatOMNI User interface can be made more intuitive, attractive and personalized by adding your own artwork, graphics to the various objects. Here is how to do it.


In the UI where artwork can be added, you will either see a picture already there or a simple Camera icon (if no picture has been added). In either case, double-click on it to open the File Explorer or image editor (which also allows you to change the artwork used). 

Quality and Aspect Ratio

We recommend a good quality, DatabeatOMNI will scale it according to use, but the aspect ratio (relation between width and height) should be considered when designing artwork. We use 16:9 or 1:1. (See below table for details).

File Format

Allowed formats are .jpg or .png 

Image Editor

Each upload involves the "Databeat Image Editor" to allow users to crop, scale and fit graphics that does not match the aspect ratio. 

What to use where.

Customer - Profile Pic .jpg .png We recommend 16:9. It will be partially displayed depending on users screen aspect ratio. (responsive design).
Customer - Logo .jpg .png 16:9
Channel - Graphics .jpg .png 16:9
Channel - Logo .jpg .png 1:1
PlayBlock - Graphics .jpg .png 16:9
Mediafile - Thumbnail .jpg .png 16:9

Personalize Background

You can also personalize the background of your DatabeatOMNI account with the Signage Pro license. Click the icon Personalize Background in the header to get started.