How can I uninstall DatabeatOMNI PowerPoint Publisher Plugin?

This article gives you a quick guide on how to remove/uninstall the DatabeatOMNI PowerPoint Publisher Plugin.

You want to locate the "Add-Ins" settings in PowerPoint.

  1. Go to the "File" tab.
  2. This will open up a number of options, and the one you want to click is located on the bottom left which is "Options".
  3. Once that opens up, you have a number of categories you can enter. "Add-ins" is the second from the bottom option you will have to click here. Afterwards, press "Go".
  4. Finally, we have located the list of add-ins installed on your PowerPoint, and in this window you want to select the add-in you want to remove and click "Remove". After doing so, the Add-In will be removed.

It is advisable to restart PowerPoint if you wish to use it after installing it, just so that the application can have a fresh startup without making use of the files for the add-in in order for it to be properly removed.