How do I setup XO-06 Totem with OMNIplay3 and two public displays?

In this article, we will describe how you can set up an OMNIplay3 to display content for XO-06 Totem (1080x3840) public displays.

videovegg elkjøp

Table of content


  • OMNIplay3
  • 2x public displays supporting video wall daisy chain
  • HDMI cable
  • Power
  • Network

Mount public displays

The public displays must be mounted properly for the ventilation to work and for content to be displayed with the correct orientation. The warranty will be broken and invalid if mounted incorrectly. The "tag" with the Samsung logo should face down if portrait. 

Connect OMNIplay3

  • Connect the OMNIplay3 to power, network, and HDMI 2.
  • Connect the HDMI to the public display that has screen position 1.  

Connect HDMI cable from Screen 1 to Screen 2

  • Connect the HDMI cable to connect the two public displays.

The HDMI cable should be connected from "HDMI OUT", from the same public display as the HDMI cable from the OMNIplay3 is connected, to "HDMI IN" on the second public display. 

Cable HDMI out HDMI in

Activate videowall settings

  • Press [Home] on the remote control
  • Select Videowall
  • Set videowall = On on both public displays
  • Select 2x1 on both public displays
  • Set Screen Position 1 for main display and Screen Position 2 for the second display

OnScreen Display Orientation

  • Press [Menu] on the remote control
  • Select OnScreen Display
  • Select Display Orientation
  • Set Source Content Orientation = Landscape
  • Set OnScreen Menu Orientation = Portrait

Change Source

  • Press [Source] on the remote control
  • Set Source to HDMI 2 for the main display
  • Set Source to HDMI  2for the second display