How to add a social media widget in DatabeatOMNI?

Design your content with widgets from Screen Designer in DatabeatOMNI. Choose between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter located in the column for Social. Drag-and-drop the widget and log into your account to get started.

Please note that your channel requires a file published directly in media to be able to display your published widgets. The widgets from Screen Designer will appear as an overlay to published content. 

1. Click on the Social column on the left side of the interface inside the Screen Designer.

Screen Designer DatabeatOMNI

2. Choose from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Drag-and-drop the social media widget you want to display. 

Screen Designer Social Media Widget Facebook Instagram Twitter

3. A first-time user is initially prompted with cookies. Proceed and log in to your account. 

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4. Configure settings for population or slideshow.  

Instagram Widget Settings

The amount of posts displayed at once will depend on the framework size of your widget. Adjust size and scale to your liking. 

Population will display social media posts statically. 

Slideshow will run a presentation of all social media posts sequentially, based on the parameters set in settings. 

4.1 Population

Instagram Widget Population

4.2 Slideshow

Social media posts like video and reels are not supported. 

The widget will not be displayed on-screen if you are prompted with no available posts when setting up your social media widget.

5. Click on Publish to save the screen design for your channel. You will be notified when your screen design has been saved. Your channel is now ready to use.