How do I increase the storage capacity on a Databeat OMNIplay 3 Media Player?

Databeat OMNIplay3 is an external Android-based media player with 16Gb built-in storage. Some 9Gb is available for media content. You may increase it with an external micro SD card (max 32Gb).

NB ! Use a micro SD card up to 32 Gb ONLY !!

A 32 Gb Micro SIM from Kingston.

Here's what to do:

  • Verify that the Micro SD card is max 32 Gb
  • Unplug the power cable to the Databeat OMNIplay 3 device
  • Gently insert the Micros SD card at the right side of the OP3 (See below) into the Socket until it clicks.
    NB ! Make sure that the SIM card contacts are facing down.
  • It can be ejected by gently pressing it again. With a click, it will be released and can be removed.
  • Insert the Power cable to the Databeat OMNIplay 3 device to start it.

Please note that the card can only be inserted in one direction. 

OMNIplay3 micro SD

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