How to allow both Meeting Title (Subject) and Meeting Host (Organizer) on Databeat Doorsign Meeting room panels.

Microsoft 365 / Exchange policies can prevent subject and organizer to appear on the Databeat Doorsign Meeting room panel. In this article we have listed the most common causes, and how you can solve them.

This article is relevant if you have set up and installed your Databeat Doorsigns with Microsoft 365 / Exchange, and have issues with displaying calendar event properties like Meeting Title or Organizer Name.

A Microsoft 365 Administrator can change this by running the following command in the Exchange Powershell Module:
Set-CalendarProcessing "MeetingRoomName" -AddOrganizerToSubject $False -DeleteComments $False -DeleteSubject $False. (changing from $True to $False)

AddOrganizerToSubject $True

This is likely caused by custom policies (rules) in your Microsoft 365 Exchange configuration and tenant, but before going down the Exchange policy rabbit hole we recommend two things:

1. Please verify that the preview in DatabeatOMNI of the specific Databeat Doorsign or Databeat Overview displays both Meeting Title (Subject) and Meeting Host (Organizer).

If not, then secondly verify that you are not using a custom template hiding the information. We recommend testing with DatabeatOMNI Default Doorsign Template: "Standard EN".

2. Please verify that the user creates the calendar event in its own calendar, and not in the meeting room calendar.

Creating events directly in the room calendar may cause sharing permissions to block the title as the room is not the "owner" of the event. The room should be invited as a resource/room.

If the issue persists, then verify the Calendar Sharing policies in your Exchange setup.

If you do not have access, please contact your Microsoft 365 / Exchange Administrator.

A quick way to verify this is to check what a user is able to see in the specific meeting room or resource calendar from Microsoft Outlook.

If a user does not see the Meeting Title (Subject), but rather the Host Name (Organizer) repeated as the subject you may have a default sharing policy overriding and hiding the title property, technically called "Subject".

Note that this is quite similar to how a user can adjust the sharing permission level of their own calendar in Outlook to an internal default or specify to a group or user.

Calendar Properties

If you are still seeing the incorrect information on your Databeat Doorsign, please contact Databeat Support ( for further investigation.

AddOrganizerToSubject $False