How to configure Databeat DS13

This article describes how to configure the OMNIplay app on a DS13 doorsign device.

Setting up your Databeat DS13 Doorsign device. 

To complete the setup, you will need a power and network connection, and configure the correct time zone and time and date settings. The last step will be to add your license key for the device, telling it what to do based on what you have selected in DatabeatOMNI. 

Step 1: Before you begin

  1. Inspect. First, check for damage to the packaging. Take a picture of the packaging before unpacking if you suspect any damage.
  2. Unpack. Carefully unpack the display and check it for any physical damage. Take pictures of the screen and report damages immediately.
  3. Mount. The screen must be mounted properly for the ventilation to work. The warranty may be broken and invalid if mounted incorrectly. We recommend checking the device manual for instructions, to avoid breaking warranty requirements.

Please contact your reseller or administrator if you have any issues.

The DS13 supports POE (Power-over-ethernet) giving both power and internet in one cable, but you can always setup with the included power adapter, and get internet via Wi-Fi or a cabled connection. 

The Databeat OMNIplay app is already installed and will start up automatically. To get your content on display, you only need to configure some settings first and add the license key.  

Step 2: Configure the device 

1. Press Configure twice, to enter Device Settings. 

If you have a POE/ethernet/cabled internet connection then skip to step 6. 

2. Select Network & Internet

3. Select Wi-Fi and turn it ON

4. Select your Wi-Fi name (SSID) of choice and connect with the required credentials. 

Verify that you are connected to your Wi-Fi and go back by. If you have any issues, please check your network settings, or contact your local IT department or internet service provider.

5.  Press the Return button two times. (Triangle/left arrow icon on the bottom task bar) 

If you by mistake closed the settings or shut down the OMNIplay app, you can manually start the OMNIplay app from the Android Home Screen by swiping up and selecting OMNIplay. 

6. Swipe down in the Device Settings menu, and select System

7. Select Date & time and confirm that these settings automatic and correct for the location. 

Specifically verify that the selected time zone is correct and both date & time and time zone is set to automatic

8. Press the Return button three times. (Triangle/left arrow icon on the bottom task bar)  

Step 3: Enter license key for the device 

1. Select the [License #] field, and the digital keyboard will pop up.

2. Type in the assigned license key for this device. (I.E. DSABCD1234X)

3. Select Save

In the event that the player was not found, please check the following: 

  • License key
  • Internet connection
  • Date and Time settings

4. If prompted, select Activate this device admin app and press Got it

The DS13 display is successfully configured!

The Databeat DS13 device is now configured correctly and should start playing content if available in the channel. Please check the troubleshooting tips below or check out other relevant articles in the Databeat knowledge base if you experience any issues. 


If you have any issues, want to learn more, or need custom settings on the device you will find some useful information below. Contact Databeat Support if you need further assistance.


  • Don't have a license key? Check your DatabeatOMNI account or ask your reseller.
  • Entered the wrong license key? Change license key by triple-tapping on the screen in the top left corner, enter code 6868. Press settings-icon and reset OMNI player. 
  • Enter settings? Triple-tapp on the screen in the top left corner, enter code 6868. Press settings-icon and reset OMNI player. Proceed to settings by selcting Configure.
  • No valid content?
    • Log into DatabeatOMNI and verify active content and settings for the OMNIplayer.
    • Verify network connection and time & date settings for your device.