How to empty storage on a Samsung Tizen screen.

This article will guide you on how to empty storage on your Samsung screen.

Before erasing your storage, please take note of the license key of your device. Press "1" to open license key information on display. Take note of this, because you will have to re-enter the license key after storage has been erased and the application restarted. 

The license key will look similar to: NOABCD0001A

This feature does not exist for older samsung models. 

Use the Samsung remote to do the following commands: 

1. Press Menu on the remote
2. Select System
3. Select General
4. Select Empty Storage
5. Select Yes

The application will restart. Insert your license key when prompted. 

If you still encounter issues with storage it may be due to a USB device connected to your public display. Please check and verify that the display doesn't have a USB device connected in one of it's USB-port on the back panel. A small USB can prevent the device from storing your uploaded files locally, and therefore not play content as intended.