How to factory reset a Hisense Android 5.1 device

Here is a guide on how to factory reset and uninstall the Databeat OMNIplay app on a Hisense device with Android 5.1.

Guide is confirmed relevant for these models:
Hisense 32B4E30T, 43B4E30T, 50B4E30T, 55B4E30T, 65B4E30T.

A factory reset is recommended if a device has been used for other purposes earlier and can help avoid unnecessary troubleshooting.

  1. Power on the Public Display.
  2. Press HOME on the remote and select Hisense setting.
  3. Select RESET, select RESET DEFAULT and select OK.
  4. Wait for the display to complete the factory reset process.

The Public Display has now been reset back to factory defaults and ready for use.


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