How to factory reset a Samsung Public Display

In this article you will learn how to factory reset a Samsung public display.

TL;DR Set HDMI - Power Off - Press Mute-1-8-2-Power On - Options - Factory Reset 

How to factory reset a Samsung Public Display

If you already have OMNIplay installed, it is recommended that you exit the application before factory resetting your device. 

1. Power off the display

2. App will automatically reboot the display. Press Home during DatabeatOMNI loading. 

3. Tooltip bar will appear on the bottom of the interface. Press Exit on the remote. 

1. Press Source and change the source to HDMI.

2. Press Power Off to put the public display in stand-by

3. While in stand-by mode, use the remote by quickly pressing the following code:

Mute - 1 - 8 - 2 - Power On

The public display should open the options menu for the device. 

 You may experience that the display powers on as usual, due to the last command being Power On. If the options menu is not toggled, please repeat step 1 - 3. Please note that the code has to be input rapidly, while in stand-by, to perform the factory reset command.

4. In the options menu, select Option - Factory reset - Factory reset

The Samsung public display is restored to factory settings, congrats!

Next time the public display is turned on, you will be prompted with the default setup.


Please find more information about product support and contact information on Samsung Business Support page.