How to factory reset DS10/DS10+

This is an article that details how to factory reset DS10/DS10+ units. Factory reseting might resolve certain issues you may have with your DS10/DS10+.

Step 1: Navigating to settings and resetting

1. Triple tap the upper left corner of the device

If this doesn't work, your DS10/DS10+ unit might have "Remote Control" set to disabled. This means this won't work after the first 15 seconds after the Omniplay app has launched. Restart the device by unplugging the power, then attempt a triple tap or enable remote control on the device via DatabeatOMNI, so you can do the triple tap whenever you want.

2. Input the code "6868" into the numberpad that pops up on-screen

3. Tap the cogwheel

4. Tap yes to the popup asking "Are you sure, you want to reset OMNI player?"

5. Double tap the cogwheel next to "Configure" to enter settings

After this point you have about 60 seconds until the app starts again. Familiarize yourself with how to navigate to the factory reset option beforehand so that you won't get interrupted while you try to factory reset.

You can use the search function on top of the settings screen in order to easily search for factory reset. Factory reset should show up by inputting "fac" into the search field.

6. Scroll down and tap system

7. Tap advanced and tap "reset options" when the submenu unfolds

8. Tap "Erase all data (facory reset)" then tap "Erase all data"

9. Confirm the factory reset by tapping by tapping "Erase all data" twice.

10. Your DS10/DS10+ should now begin wiping everything. Do not remove the power while it is ongoing. Once you see the window that asks for a license key, the process is done.

Step 2: Configure your DS10/DS10+

Follow this guide to configure your DS10/DS10+ device properly after the factory reset: