How to fix "Network Disconnected" and other issues on Samsung Smart Signage Orsay (SSSP2 & SSSP3)

Here are a few tips on how to solve Samsung Smart Signage (SSSP2 and SSSP3) "Nettwork Disconnected Error" and some other general issues.

The Samsung SSSP2 and SSSP3 LFDs have been around for quite some time, and some models seem to work more stable than others, they are somewhat more sensitive than their newer brothers, but they can be quite durable too. One of the most stable Samsung SSSP models we have in production is SSSP2 based, so don`t give up. Here are a few tips.

Latest Firmware

On a general note, related to all models, we recommend to seek, find, download, and install the newest firmware on these models. SSSP2/3 being an old platform, the most recent, possibly even the last firmware for these models, works very well and stable. Just remember to install all firmware modules, on old models, it can be up to 4 of them.

Full URL, include the https://

Further, introduced in more recent firmware, the URL launcher must be exact. Earlier releases accepted the URL without the HTTP: and the www, but not so any longer. The correct URL for Databeat OMNIplay installations MUST be full:

Network API can be slow.

On these monitors, even on later Samsung SSSP models, the network API seems to load slow, and late in the boot process, therefore the "Network disconnected" appears for no real reason. I see this even on my reasonably new Samsung Tizen home TV quite often. There is nothing wrong with the network, but the message appears regardless. I learned to leave it be, TV boots just fine anyways.

Actually, something is wrong with the network

Well, don`t forget the obvious, sometimes the network can be disconnected, or there is something wrong with it. I have seen many situations, but when I run the network connection test in the UI (i.e., the URL launcher), it always told me the truth (even on my Tizen home TV), so give it a go, test the network connection. If it says it is offline, it probably is.


If you find nothing wrong, but you still have issues, a good old fashioned restart may help. Even better, start gain by recycling power. This works best when the SoC computer is responsiveness, and no action on the remote control seems to work.