How to install OMNIplay on AOPEN Android 8.1

Here is a guide on how to install the Databeat OMNIplay app on AOPEN AT1032TB / eTILE-X1032TB with Android 8.1.

The AOPEN 10” displays come with Android 8.1, RGB LED-strip around the frame, as well as RFID and NFC capabilities. This makes the device ideal for use with Databeat Doorsign.

Table of contents

Before you begin

Step 1: Preparing the Public Display’s settings and configuration

Step 2: Installing OMNIplay

Step 3: Configuring OMNIplayer license key

Before you begin

Please verify your device and specifications before you begin to see if it is compatible. Guide is confirmed relevant for these models: AOPEN AT1032TB and eTILE-X1032TB

We recommend performing a factory reset if the device has been used before.

We recommend connecting a USB keyboard or USB mouse to speed things up, but you can complete by only using the touch screen.

Step1 1000x100Preparing the Public Display’s settings and configuration

  1. First you need to unpack and power on the Public Display.
  2. Swipe up with your finger on the touch screen to view all apps and select Settings.
  3. Select System, select Date & Time, and verify date, time, and time zone.
  4. Connect the display to the internet with an RJ45 ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
    1. If cabled connection

      Connect the device to an ethernet cable in the RJ45 port on the back. Ethernet is enabled by default and you should have a connection right away. You can check and change settings in Settings/Network & Internet/Ethernet.
    2. If Wi-Fi connection

      Select Back twice to go back to Settings. (Top left back arrow)
      In Settings, select Network & Ethernet, select Wi-Fi.
      Enable Wi-Fi by pressing the radio button on the right side, turning Wi-Fi On.
      Select your desired Wi-Fi network, enter the password, and connect.

The device is prepared, and it is time to install the OMNIplay app.

We recommend verifying the internet connection to ensure the next step goes smoothly.

Step2 1000x100Installing OMNIplay

We recommend installing OMNIplay by downloading the app via URL in the web browser. Optionally you can use a USB flash drive with the Android application package/install file (APK).

  1. Select Home on the taskbar to exit Settings. (Circle button on the bottom of display)
  2. Swipe up to view all apps and select Chrome.
  3. Go to the URL:
    The OMNIplay[currentversion].apk file will start to download automatically.
    If Chrome requests storage access to download files you need to allow this and confirm OK to download the file.
  4. OMNIplay app file is now downloaded, and you need to open the file to install.
    Swipe down on the top right corner of the display to view notifications and select OMNIplay[version].apk. (Tip: You can press Download and get the option to Open existing file before downloading again.)
  5. Chrome will need you to allow installation of the OMNIplay app.
    Follow the instructions and enable Allow from this source.
  6. Select Back on the task bar. (Triangle button on the bottom of display)
  7. Select Install and wait for the app to install. Once installation is complete, select Open.
    1. OMNIplay starts up and you need to allow OMNIplay to access photos, media, and files on your device.
    2. You will then see the Configure page. We recommend rebooting the Public Display now and confirm that OMNIplay app starts up automatically within few seconds after reboot is complete.

    The OMNIplay app is now successfully installed.

      If the device does not start up with OMNIplay you should try to set OMNIplay as default launcher app in Android settings menu.

      Step3 1000x100Configuring OMNIplayer license key.

      When the public display is powered on, the OMNIplay app will start up and request a license key.

      1. Enter your OMNIplayer license key and press save.
        Please note that Beta and Local Server should not be selected for normal circumstances.
        If you entered the wrong license key: Double tap the touch screen, select the settings (cogwheel icon) and reset the configuration.

      If prompted, please activate OMNIplay as Device Administrator permission.
      If prompted with a notification, select "Got it".

      1. The OMNIplay app will download and start playing content automatically if a channel is selected and content is published. Doorsign information can require a reboot to start. 
      2. From now on you can manage the device as an OMNIplayer from DatabeatOMNI.
        The selected channel and settings are also managed in DatabeatOMNI.

      You have now configured the device for use with DatabeatOMNI with a license key.

      If you are setting up a Doorsign player, and need license keys please contact your DatabeatOMNI administrator, reseller, or

      You can find or order OMNIplayer license keys in DatabeatOMNI. 

      1. Log into your DatabeatOMNI account.
      2. Select Locations tab, select desired Location, and select OMNIplayers tab

      All OMNIplayer license keys for the selected location are listed there.
      If you need to order, please press the Shopping Cart proceed in OMNIstore.