How to install OMNIplay on Windows

In this article you will learn how to install and configure the OMNIplay app on a Windows PC for use with DatabeatOMNI.

Table of contents


Please ensure you have the correct and necessary requirements before you begin.

  1. A Windows PC.
  2. Network connection.
  3. Login. 


  1. Open your web browser
  2. Open
  3. Open and run the omniplay.msi file

Microsoft Defender

Select Run anyway if Microsoft Defender is prompted. 

.NET Framework

If you are trying to run the installation on an older PC you will need to download and update your .NET framework. 

The .NET framework installation will automatically be suggested if you are trying to install OMNIplay with an outdated version of .NET framework.  


Launch the app to get started! 

The first time you launch the app a login will be required. 

  • Home
  • Business


  • 0: License key
  • 1: Player Info
  • 3: Media Plan
  • C: Channel List
  • F: Full/Scale screen
  • I: Info Screen
  • H: Help
  • W: Window Mode
  • S: ScreenSaver
  • ESC: Close application


Contact Databeat Support if you need assistance.