How to relocate your OMNIplayer

In this article, you will learn how to move and relocate one or multiple OMNIplayers from one location to another, without changing the license key manually.

The OMNIplayer relocation feature comes in handy when there are changes in business ownership, a location is undergoing refurbishment, or if you wish to reorganize your license keys and OMNIplayers.

This feature requires OMNIplay Pro.

How to relocate your OMNIplayer(s)

How to relocate your OMNIplayer(s)

  1. Select the Locations tab and the OMNIplayer tab for the location you want to move from.
  2. Select the OMNIplayer(s) you want to relocate/move.
    License Key #1 is selected.

  3. Click the Relocate Player icon on the bottom taskbar.
    Relocate Player button
    The original location and the selected OMNIplayer(s) are now highlighted in red.
    Please double-check your selection before proceeding.
    License Key #1 is ready to relocate

  4. Click the new location for the selected OMNIplayer(s) in the Locations list on the left.
  5. When prompted to confirm, select Yes to relocate the selected OMINplayer(s). Done!

Note: The OMNIplayer(s) you relocated will have the same license key, order reference, settings, and configuration. Only the location it belonged has changed.

Tip: Need to relocate multiple OMNIplayers?

Hold CTRL-button and left-click the specific OMNIplayers to select multiple.
You can also press CTRL+A to mark all or Shift-click a series of OMNIplayers.

Warning: You can't undo the relocation, but...
If you did something wrong, you can always relocate the OMNIplayers back to the previous location manually.