How to restrict access for a user

An admin can limit the access for a user in DatabeatOMNI to only see a spesific location or channel by tagging. Learn how to tag users in this article.


This feature requires OMNIplay Pro.


Our way of restricting access are defined as "tags". A tag can be described as a group. If a user is put into a group, it will only have access to other elements put into the same group. 

You can tag the following elements in DatabeatOMNI:

  • Users

  • Channels

  • Locations

A user with the role "SuperUser" cannot be tagged. 

How to tag

TL;DR Scribe Step-by-Step

Step 1: Go to Users.

Users DatabeatOMNI

Step 2: Select user and click edit.

Edit user DatabeatOMNI

Step 3: Add tag.

Add tag to user

The tag search suggestions may be limited, so we recommend typing the complete tag word for accurate results.

Step 4: Add same tag for channel or location.

Add tag to channel

Once a user and another element (channel or locatoin) has been put into the same group, the next time the user logs in to DatabeatOMNI, it will not be able to view other channels and locations.