How to setup both local and central content to play on a screen in DatabeatOMNI?

DatabeatOMNI users often have the need to share the same content to different locations, simply solved with one single channel. But sometimes you need to publish local content to a select few of the locations. The solution is Playblocks.

Tip: Start with figuring out what you specific need is. Do you need to publish to regions? specific locations? A specific screen on a location?
Most customers appreciate some advice before doing this. If you want some help please contact to schedule a workshop session.

Good to know

A screen or a mediaplayer, also known as an OMNIplayer, will always play the channel you have selected for it to play. You will fill the channel with content which can be organized in many ways, depending on your need.

This means that you can create only 1 channel for all your OMNIplayers or you can create multiple channels and select which channel each specific OMNIplayer will play.

How to create a channel with a local and a shared playblock.

  1. On the Media tab, select + to create a new channel.
  2. Name your new channel something that makes sense to you. I.E. [Location name].
  3. Press Save in the bottom right corner and the new channel is shown on the list on the left.
  4. Select the Default PlayBlock and rename it to something that makes sense to you again. I.E.  [Local content: Location name]. Press Save when done.
  5. Add shared playblocks to your new channel by selecting + in the bottom right corner.
  6. Select Follow for the new playblock and select which playblock to follow on the right hand side. Select Save 

Now, remember to change the channel on your OMNIplayers to newly created channel.

  1. On the Locations tab, select your location where the OMNIplayer is registered.
  2. Select the OMNIplayer tab and find your OMNIplayer listed below.
  3. Double click the OMNIplayer and change the channel in the list to what you desire and save. The OMNIplayer will instantly change to the new channel and start playing the content.