How to solve the error "Unable to send signup request"

A user can be prompted with the error message "Unable to send signup request" if there is a mismatch between the username registered in DatabeatOMNI and what the the third party authentication source (I.E. Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace)

DatabeatOMNI Error: Unable to send signup request

There can be multiple reasons why this happens, depending on your configuration in both DatabeatOMNI or your third-party user management system (I.E. Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace).

1. Username mismatch

First of all, we recommend verifying the username/email address registered under Users in DatabeatOMNI.

Example: If a Microsoft 365 user logs in with the email "", but is registered in DatabeatOMNI as, there is a mismatch.
Then create the user with the correct username/email and delete the incorrect one (also from the archive/trash bin)

Verifying the correct domain for the user may also be relevant.

2. If Microsoft 365: Enable Automatic user recognition in the same tenant

If integrating with your Microsoft 365 tenant, we recommend you enable and test with the "Automatic user recognition" setting enabled. The setting can be enabled from the Microsoft 365 permissions panel in DatabeatOMNI by a DatabeatOMNI SuperUser.

Microsoft 365 Permissions

If the suggestions above do not help, please contact for more advanced help.

There can be other reasons related to cache, tokens, User Principal Name (UPN) versus Email for the specific user, or even related to migrated/hybrid setup. As this is specific to your setup we would need more information and possibly a screen-share session to support you.