How to start the OMNIplay app on LG webOS?

How to open the OMNIplay app on LG webOS?

1. Press the HOME button on the remote.

2. Navigate to the OMNIplay app using the arrows.

3. Select OMNIplay by pressing the OK button.

The OMNIplay app should then start up and play the media channel with content if configured correctly. Please check out "How to install OMNIplay on LG" for more information about installation and troubleshooting.


Pro tip: With the LG WebOS remote controller you can press the colored buttons to temporarily display an external source.
- Yellow button for HDMI

- Blue button for DisplayPort

If the external source is active it will display until disconnected or until you press Back on the remote manually.


Meeting room display?
If you regularly connect an external source, we suggest you check out the available options for "Automatic source prioritization" available in the Display's settings menu. If available, the display can automatically detect and display your HDMI signal, like a PC or laptop, and then use OMNIplay as a "backup" when no source is available.