How to take screenshots of the public display in DatabeatOMNI

In this article we will take you through step by step, how to take a screenshot in Databeat OMNI.

If you want to monitor your screen remotely, you can see a snapshot of what your screen is displaying in DatabeatOMNI. A screenshot will show you exactly what is being displayed on your screen. 


Step 1:  Choose location.  

First log into your account, then choose the location tab on the left side of the screen and choose the location of the screen you want to check. 


Step 2:  Click on the OMNIplayer tab to the right. 


Step 3: Take a screenshot.

Find the player you want to check. Select it. When selected, a toolbar wll appear on the bottom of the screen. To get a screenshot click on the icon that looks like an eye. This will send a screenshot request to OMNIplay, which sends a screenshot back to DatabeatOMNI. 


In the screenshot dialog box you can use the camera button to retrieve a new updated screenshot.



Now you know how to use the screenshot feature in DatabeatOMNI. This is a useful tool if you want to monitor your screens remotely.