How to use keyboard on Samsung

You can connect a keyboard to change settings or start the OMNIplay app for your Samsung Smart Signage public display.

If you are unable to use the appropriate remote control for you device, you can use a keyboard. The keyboard can be used to start the OMNIplay app or to change settings from the Samsung menu, such as checking network connection. 

Typical scenarios where a keyboard can be helpful:

  1. Disabled the remote controller from DatabeatOMNI and lost connection with your OMNIplayer. 
  2. If you cannot find your remote controller.
  3. Either the remote controller or your IR sensor is not responding. 

Here are some helpful shortcuts to help you restore connection to the app or change settings with a keyboard. 

  • Home Menu: Press F5
  • Samsung Menu: Press Windows
  • Navigation keys: Arrows
  • Confirm selection: Enter