How to install Databeat OMNIplay on a Qbic TD-0350?

This article explains how you can install Databeat Doorsign on Qbic TD-0350 Touch Display. Create and display digital doorsign information from your Office 365, Exchange calendar or Google account.

Qbic Touch models supportet: 

Qbic Android 7.1.2  TD0350


This is what you need

  • Qbic TD-0350 Touch Display 
  • A Network Connection (WiFi)
  • A DatabeatOMNI account and a license key
  • Qbic TD-0350 supports Power via Micro USB


Setup Qbic TD-0350 display

  • Power on the display. The display autostart when power is connected

Connect the device to WiFi

  • At the startup screen, press Settings to connect to the wireless network.
  • Press Wifi
  • Activate wifi, and connect to your network.
  • Press arrow x2 to go back to the configuration screen. 

Set the correct Time

  • At the startup screen, press Date & Time to set time and date. 
  • Select Time Zone
  • Choose Brussles GMT +02:00
  • Check date and correct time
  • Press arrow to go back to the configuration screen. 

Installation of Databeat OMNIplay app

  • At the configuration screen.
  • Press the magnifying glass.
  • Start the browser Lightning
  • The app autostarts after 20 sec
  • Enter the URL for the download for the OMNIplay app.
    Do you want to download this file? 
    • Press download
  • The app is saved on the device
  • Press arrow x 2 to go back to the configuration screen. 
  • At the configuration screen 
  • Press the magnifying glass
  • Open the download folder
  • Downloads autostarts after 20 sec
  • Start omniplay apk


A popup will appear

For security, your tablet is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown scources
  • Press Security settings
  • Unknown scources -> enable -> ok
  • Start omniplay apk. -> install
  • App Installed -> Open


Open app

  • A popup will apperar
  • Allow OMNIplay to access … allow.
  • Enter valid  licence key, and save

Example: NODIRQ0000A

  • Activate device administrator ->   ok.


Installation is complete.