What web-engines does my Digital Signage hardware support ?

Digital Signage players come in many forms, external devices or internal (System On Chip). They come with a Browser Engine and they support various web-technologies and versions (ie Javascript engines). Here is a list relevant for Databeat OMNIplay

List Updated January 20th 2020


PlatformM Examples of model Browser Engine Version
Android 5.1 Databeat Omniplay P3 Android Webview 39
Android 7.1.2 Databeat Omniplay P3 Android Webview 55
Android 4.4.4 Philips 10BDL3051T Android Webview 33
Android 7.1.2 Philips 24BDL4151T Android Webview 73
Android 4.4.4 Sharp SC_BX2 Android Webview 30
SSSP2 Samsung DM32D Safari WebKit 537
SSSP3 Samsung DM32E Safari WebKit 537
SSSP4 Samsung PM32F-BC Safari WebKit 534
SSSP5 Samsung QM49H Safari WebKit 538
SSSP6 Samsung QB43N Safari WebKit 537
WEB OS 2.0 LG 22SM3B Safari WebKit 538
WEB OS 4.0 LG 32SM5KE Chrome 53
WEB OS 6.0 LG 32SM5J Chrome 79

Download an Excel sheet for further info