Resolving Login and Configuration Issues in Databeat PowerPoint Publisher

Users may experience difficulties logging into PowerPoint with their DBOMNI (DATABEATomni) credentials. This guide provides a solution for resolving these login issues.

Solution Overview

The primary solution involves deleting the Configuration.xml file from the Databeat PowerPoint Publisher folder. As a temporary alternative, users can also use DatabeatOMNI directly through a web browser for publishing and administration tasks.

Detailed Steps

Deleting the Configuration.xml File

  1. Locate the Configuration File:
    • Navigate to C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Databeat.Net\Databeat PowerPoint Publisher in your file explorer. 
    • Here, [YOURUSERNAME] should be replaced with your actual Windows username.
  2. Delete the Configuration File:
    • In the folder, locate the Configuration.xml file.
    • Right-click on the file and choose 'Delete' to remove it.
  3. Attempt to Log In Again:
    • After deleting the file, restart the Databeat PowerPoint Publisher application.
    • Try logging in with your DBOMNI credentials.

Using DatabeatOMNI in Web Browser (Temporary Alternative)

  1. Access DatabeatOMNI:
  2. Publish and Administer:
    • Once logged in, you can publish and administer content directly through the web interface.
  3. Creating Media as a Workaround:
    • If you're unable to create media in PowerPoint, you can save your PowerPoint slides as media files.
    • In PowerPoint, select 'Save As' and choose 'PNG' for pictures or 'MP4' for videos.
    • These files can then be uploaded and published directly in the DatabeatOMNI web browser version.

Additional Assistance

  • If you continue to experience issues, please contact our technical support team.
  • Provide details of the problem for more targeted help.

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