How to troubleshoot an OMNIplay3

Learn how to do basic troubleshooting on the OMNIplay3 android device.

Please wait, starting up

  • Power

Check to see if the OMNIplay3 unit has power. Look for a faint blue LED light underneath the box, indicating that the OMNIplay3 is powered on. You can also touch the unit to check for any heat, also indicating that the unit is powered on. 

  • No LED indicator or cold unit.

Reconnect the power adapter. Unplug the power adapter, and reconnect after a few seconds. If the issue persist, locate or borrow a power adapter from a nearby OMNIplay3 to check if the issue is located on the power adapter or the actual hardware unit. 

If the problem persists, and you're unable to power on the OMNIplay3 at this point, it's possible that the unit is defect.

Contact for troubleshooting, warranty or replacement. 

  • Player is powered on, but there's nothing displayed.

Check connectivity to display. Ensure that the HDMI cable from the OMNIplay3 to the monitor or public display is connected properly, and that the correct source is set. 

A monitor or public display can have multiple HDMI inputs. Ensure that you use the correct source (HDMI 1, HDMI 2). 

  • Splash is displayed, but frozen on loader.
    • Reboot the player
    • Factory reset the device
      • Reset button by the antenna with a pen or bobby pin.
        • Wipe Data / Factory Reset 
        • Select Yes
        • Reboot system now when data has been wiped. 

Upon restart you might need to reconnect to the wifi and reinsert the license key, make sure the OMNIplay device has internet.

Contact for any questions or troubleshooting.