Understanding Mobile Data Usage for Digital Signage: A Guide for OMNIplayer Users

This guide explains the type of data consumption associated with OMNIplayers and provides recommendations for selecting the appropriate mobile data plan.


Utilizing mobile data connections for digital signage requires a thorough understanding of data usage. This guide delves into the data consumption patterns linked to OMNIplayers and offers valuable recommendations for choosing the right mobile data plan.

Types of Data Usage

1. Standard Operations

This includes standard reporting, app updates, and general operational tasks necessary for stable and efficient functioning of your digital signage.

  • Data Consumption: Relatively stable and consistent.
  • Estimation: Approximately 200-300 MB per month, based on our unofficial testing.
  • Considerations: Consumption might vary slightly based on update timings, operational level, and frequency of screenshot requests.

2. Content-Related Usage

This involves the data consumed for displaying content, which can vary significantly.

  • Data Consumption: Highly variable.
  • Types of Content: Includes images, videos, and streaming content.
  • Efficiency: OMNIplayers typically download media for offline playback, significantly reducing data usage as content is not streamed repeatedly.
  • Estimation: Hard to predict; varies greatly from user to user. Some might use a 100KB image for years, while others may upload 1GB of data daily.

Choosing the Right Data Plan

Recommended Plans

  • Low-Frequency Updates: For users who rarely update their content, a 5GB monthly plan might suffice.
  • High Frequency or Uncertain Usage: We recommend starting with an unlimited plan or one with a high data cap (up to 25GB), especially if you're unsure of your data needs.

Monitor your data usage closely during the initial months to better grasp your specific requirements. It is advisable to begin with a higher data allowance and then make adjustments after 1-2 months, rather than running the risk of service interruptions due to quickly reaching your data limit.


Choosing the right data plan for your OMNIplayer is crucial for uninterrupted and efficient digital signage operation. By understanding your typical data usage patterns and adjusting your plan accordingly, you can ensure optimal performance without incurring unnecessary costs.

For further assistance or specific queries, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.