Vestel screen initial setup and OMNIplay app installation

This article describes the inital setup of Vestel, and how to install the OMNIplay app.

Table of contents

Initial Setup

1: Select Language.

Vestel Language

2: Select Country

Vestel Country

3: Set or skip pin.

Vestel Pin

4: Select "Next" for Signage Settings

Vestel Signage Settings

5: Select "Disabled" for Auto Launch.

Vestel Auto Launch

6: Press "Next" for Display Operation Mode.

Vestel Display Operation Mode

7: Connect to your internet for Network/Internet settings.

Vestel Network / Internet Settings

8: Select as per applicable for Manufacture Usage & Diagnostics.

Vestel Manufacture Usage & Diagnostics

Your device is now setup, and ready for the installation of the OMNIplay App. 


OMNIplay App Installation

1: Click “CMS” on remote controll and select “Applications”.

Vestel CMS Home


2: Open “Vewd Browser” and select “Add to speed dial”. Enter the following details:

Vestel Edit Speed Dial


3: Select the previously added speed dial.

Vestel Speed Dial


4: Click "Download” to download the OMNIplay application.

OMNIplay for Android


5: Go to “Application” by pressing “CMS” on the remote control, open “File Manager” and select “Download” folder. 

Vestel File Manager


6: Select the downloaded APK file.

Vestel Download folder


 7: Click install to start installation. 

OMNIplay installation


8: After app is installed successfully, click the DONE button.

Vestel App installed


 9: Click “Menu” button on the remote controller. 

Vestel Menu


 10: Select “Power Up Settings” and then click “Auto Launch”. 

Vestel Power Up settings


11: Select “Select Application”-check box and select “OMNIplay”.
This will override the default home behavior and set our OMNIplay app as home launcher.
When we click on the cms button on the remote controller, it will automatically launch our OMNIplay app. 

Vestel Auto Launch


12: Click "CMS"-button on the remote controller.
OMNIplay app will be launched.
Select "Allow" to give storage access permissions to our app. 

OMNIplay permissions


13: Enter your License key and click “Save”.

OMNIplay License Key


14: When prompted press ALLOW to "Let app always run in background”.
It is mandatory for auto power save feature (sleep/wakeup) to work nicely.

OMNIplay Let app always run in background


15: Click on “Activate this device admin app” when prompted for above feature to work perfectly.  

Activate device admin app


Congratulations! Your Vestel-display is setup and ready for use.

In case you are still facing trouble running OMNIplay app on Vestel Screens or if there is any variation in steps/screenshots as per mentioned above, you need to verify that you have the correct Firmware from Vestel to run OMNIplay app.  

(Minimum recommended firmware release is as per date 30th Jan 2023.)