How to change the channel on a player from DatabeatOMNI

How to change channel on a player or public display from DatabeatOMNI

To have access to DatabeatOMNI, a user has to be registered. One user will automatically be registered when creating a new location. Login information will be sent to the users' registered e-mail. A SuperUser can create new users if anyone else needs access.  

  • Log in to DatabeatOMNI
  • Select Location
  • Select OMNIplayer

DatabeatOMNI OMNIplayers

  • Find the license key for the device
  • Click [Edit] or double-click on the player
  • Select your desired channel from the channel list

DatabeatOMNI Channel List

  • Click [Save]

Now you have learned how to change a channel on an OMNIplay3.