Users: Create a new user and assign roles

In DatabeatOMNI, a "SuperUser" can access the user tab, and create new users that will be granted access to the customer. Assign unique roles based on the tasks the user will have in DatabeatOMNI.

If you are a SuperUser, you will have access to the User tab in DatabeatOMNI, advanced view. 

On the left side of the interface, you will see Media, Locations and Users

users in databeat

  • Click on Users
  • Click "+" to create a new user

Start by filling out the information requested. 

  • The E-Mail (Login) will be the username for the user when accessing DatabeatOMNI.
  • Set a password for the user. The password can be changed when logging in, or by a user with sufficient rights.
  • The name of the user. Will be displayed in the overview list. 
  • The title of the user. (Optional)
  • The users phone number. (Optional)

details for users in databeat

Once the mandatory fields have been filled with information, we can move on to assign a role to the user. 

user role access

From top left and onwards

  1. SuperUsers: Typically the first user signing up, and he/she has all and full rights.
  2. Administrators: Another user with all rights, expect, he/she cannot add create SuperUsers or other Admins, only users at a lower level
  3. Editors: This is a user that is allowed to work with Media, create/add/edit/remove. Has “view only” rights on Users and Locations.
  4. LocationManager: This is a user that is allowed to work with Locations, create/add/edit/remove etc. Has “view only” rights on Users and Media.
  5. User: This is a user that is allowed access to DatabeatOMNI, but only to view on all dimensions.
  6. Contacts: This is a user that is not allowed access, but will be listed as a contect on a specific location (ie for support and assistance).
  7. Developer: This is a user that takes rights from groups above, in addition to access to template editor code writing etc (code widget, finn templates etc). 
  8. OMNIbi: This is a user that has access to the entire BI section and Dataset related to BI (including SLA and OMNIcontrol). It is a role that can be added to other groups (similar to Developer), but it can also be the only one.
  9. OMNIsla: This is a user that has access only to the sla section. It is a role that can be added to other groups (similar to Developer), but it can also be left alone.

When a role has been chosen and assigned to a user, all requirements for creating a user is completed. But in addition to role assignments, there is a couple of other settings available. 

expire from to user

  • By clicking the icon for calendar, you are able to set a period for when the user should be active in DatabeatOMNI. 

image camera

  • Upload a picture by clicking the icon for camera. The picture will display in the overview list on the left side. 

add a tag

  • Add a Tag, or a group, to the user to limit and restrict their access in DatabeatOMNI. If the tag/keyword used is linked to a channel or location, the user will only be able to see the linked channel and location. 
Assigning a tag to user user with all rights will have no effect. It will only affect users at the lower level.