How to uninstall Databeat OMNIplay on Samsung Orsay Public Display (SSP2-3)

To use the public display for something else than OMNIplay, you will have to uninstall the web app. Here's how it's done.

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To prevent OMNIplay from breaking the source automatically, you can temporarily uninstall the web app. This is recommended when using the public display for something other than displaying content from DatabeatOMNI.

Begin by uninstalling the web application:

  • Press [Home]
  • Select Change URL in Samsung Home Menu
  • Clear the input field
  • Enter $DEL
  • Select Done on the digital keyboard
  • Select URL Launcher to finalize uninstallation

You can change to your desired active source once the app has been uninstalled. 

  • Press [Source]
  • Select an active source

Change to MagicInfo after the web app has been uninstalled.

  • Press [Menu]
  • Select System
  • Select Play via
  • Select MagicInfo