How to connect to network on a Samsung Digital Signage screen

A public display requires network connectivity to download and display content from DatabeatOMNI. This guide documents how to access and connect to a network on a Samsung Public Display when using OMNIplay.

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How to connect a Samsung Public Display to the internet

The device requires network connectivity to communicate and load content from DatabeatOMNI.

Highly important note

If the OMNIplay app is running on your device you will not be able to edit Network Settings in the Samsung Menu before exiting the OMNIplay app. 

1. Restart your Samsung display.

2. Press the HOME button on the Samsung remote when the OMNIplay app is starting.
(Starting up is when you see a grey-ish background with the DatabeatOMNI logo)

3. Press EXIT on the Samsung remote when the Samsung toolbar has appeared. 

Step 1: Press Menu on the Samsung Remote.

Step 2: Select Open Network Settings.

Step 3: Choose Wireless or Wired connection.

If the Samsung display restarts read the highly imporant note above. 

Step 4 (Wireless): Select a network or add manually.

How to start the app after network configuration is successful

Once your public display is connected to the internet, you will need to open the app to showcase your content. The name of the app may vary slightly based on your Samsung model, but it should be a familiar experience.

  • Press "Home" on the remote control. 
  • Select "Databeat SSP", "URL Launcher" or "Custom App". 

On newer models, you can always find these options conveniently located on the left side of the Home Menu interface.

Unsure if the screen is connected to the internet?

Check the network status from Samsung Menu.