How to connect to network on a Samsung Digital Signage screen

A public display needs to be connected to the internet to download and display content from DatabeatOMNI. Here's how you can verify if the display is connected to a network.

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A monitor requires network connectivity to report to the server and load content from DatabeatOMNI. If the content has played at an earlier stage on the screen, then it is stored locally on the screen. This will continue to play regardless of network connectivity. But for the media plan to update with the latest media files, the public display must be connected to a network.

We recommend using a wired connection for better stability.

How to connect a Samsung Public Display to the internet

If your Samsung display is not running the OMNIplay app you can skip this info box.

But if the Databeat OMNIplay app is running on your display you will not be able to edit Netowork Settings in the Samsung Menu before exiting/stopping the OMNIplay app:

1. Restart your Samsung display. (Off/On with remote)

2. Press the HOME button on the Samsung remote when the OMNIplay app is starting.
(Starting up is when you see a grey-ish background with the DatabeatOMNI logo and the message "retrieving device information" etc.)

3. Press EXIT on the Samsung remote.
App has now been manually stopped. Remember to press HOME and then OK to start it again after network settings are updated.

Step 1: Press Menu on the Samsung Remote.

Step 2: Select Network settings

Step 3: Choose Wireless or Wired connection

When selecting Wireless, the screen will scan all available networks. Select your local network and enter the password for the network

A wired connection requires a network cable (RJ45) from switch or router to ethernet socket in the public display. 

Step 4: The screen will indicate whether the connection was successful or not.

If the Samsung display keeps on restarting or stops you from editing Network settings, please read the info box above Step 1.

Unsure if the screen is connected to the internet?

To check the network connectivity on the Samsung public display, you can select Network Status in the Menu/Network. The screen will then test the connection and indicate whether it is connected to the network or not. Please contact your network administrator if you have issues.