How to fix the “Retrieving device information” error on Samsung SSP4 PM-H series

In 2016-2017 Samsung shipped some displays with a bad firmware called 2008.6. If your Samsung SSP4 display has this firmware version the OMNIplay app will not work properly.

To fix the issue there is a special downgrade firmware file you need to install on the device. Here is how to do it in three steps. Please note that this process is quite technical and advanced. If you are uncomfortable, please contact your local nerd.

Warning: This is not a standard procedure and is only applicable on specific Samsung models with firmware version 2008.6 that does not load the OMNIplay app correctly. Currently known Samsung models with this issue are: PM32H, PM43H, PM49H and PM55H. You can check current firmware in [Menu - Support - Contact Samsung] and will find the firmware version in the end of what is listed on “Software version”.

Step 1: Preparing the tools

  1. You should start downloading the Firmware on your computer from here first.
  2. While downloading, prepare a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive.
    • Flash drive format must be FAT32. Wipe and reformat if unsure.
    • The flash drives need minimum 2 GB of free storage.
  3. Unzip the Firmware file you downloaded and move the file onto the root of the USB flash drive.
    • Placing the file on root means it is not in a folder, but directly on the flash drive.

Step 2: Installing the downgrade firmware version

  1. Insert the prepared USB flash drive into a USB port on the display with firmware version 2008.6. We recommend rebooting after inserting the USB flash drive.
  2. Press [Menu - Support - Software Update].
  3. Select [Search for update], follow the instructions on screen and wait for completion.
    • The display will search for available updates on the USB flash drive (external device) and find the file. It may require multiple attempts to search.
    • If the search continues to fail it is most probably because the USB flash drive is not connected properly or not formatted as FAT32.

If the Databeat OMNIplay application is running you will need to stop it first to proceed.

  1. Reboot the display and turn it on again.
  2. Press [Home] when the DatabeatOMNI Logo is displayed with a grey background.
  3. Press [Exit] after the OMNIplay app has stopped. The display should now show you that a source like HDMI, DP, or DVI is selected.

    Step 3: Verifying a successful downgrade

    1. Verify that firmware is 2006.3 and not 2008.6.
      • You can check current firmware in [Menu - Support - Contact Samsung] and will find the firmware version in the end of what is listed on “Software version”.
      • If not, please try again or contact Samsung B2B Support for further help.
    2. Downgrade completed and OMNIplay will work properly.
      • After this is done, the screen will be able to load OMNIplay. It will also be able to download and install a newer and better firmware version via DatabeatOMNI OTA Firmware Update.