How to move or transfer a location in DatabeatOMNI

This article describes the prerequisites and how to move or transfer a location or multiple locations from one DatabeatOMNI Customer Account to another.

What kind of data can be moved?

Upon request, Databeat Support can assist with an account transfer or moving customer locations to a new or already existing Databeat account, alongside OMNIplayers, assigned media channels, and licenses. Partners and customers can request this service from Databeat Support, but we require some information before this task can be carried out.

Before requesting a transfer or move

1. Update the location information in DatabeatOMNI

Choose to update or maintain the following location information:

  • Legal name
  • Organizational number
  • Contact person
  • Address
  • Service hours

Users will not be moved alongside location data and will be required to be manually moved. Note that a user can be registered to different accounts in the transition.

Check out how to create a user for a DatabeatOMNI account

2.  Decide whether to move with or without channels and content

An OMNIplayer can be moved with or without channels. Prepare your OMNIplayer for a move to avoid any interruption. You will be required to specify whether or not you want channels to be included in the transfer.

In the event that your request includes channel transfers, these channels have to be local, meaning that they cannot subscribe or follow content from any other channels linked to the existing Customer Account.

In addition to being local, they cannot be assigned to other players from different locations that should remain on the account. You can solve and prepare your OMNIplayers by downloading existing content and re-publishing it to a new channel for the OMNIplayers that will be moved.

Contact if the location is linked to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Google for use with Databeat Doorsign, Databeat Booking, PowerBI, or other third-party API integration, as this possibly requires a new setup after transfer. 

How to request a transfer or move

Please provide with details about the transfer or move.
We require written confirmation from the account owner as well as the answers to these questions:

  1. Which Location(s) do you want to move?

    Provide the Visit Address Name. If multiple locations, please include the name of the Customer Account name (Main location in DatabeatOMNI).

  2. Move to an existing Customer Account or a new (separate) Customer Account?
    1. If existing: Provide the existing Customer Account name.
    2. If new: Ensure that the location information is correct.
  3. Which OMNIplayers (license keys / PlayerID) should be included in the transfer?
  4. Do you want to move with or without the assigned channel of each OMNIplayer?

    Warning: We will assign the OMNIplayers to a new, empty channel in the event content is not properly prepared. You will need to manually the channel and media after.