How to publish content in DatabeatOMNI (Simplified view)

DatabeatOMNI is a web-based screen publishing platform solution enabling creation of media channels that a user can upload content to. Decide where, when and how the content should be displayed with DatabeatOMNI.

Not a familiar user interface? Check out our guide to advanced view.  

How to publish content in DatabeatOMNI

Create channels

Create channels in DatabeatOMNI with content that are shown on screens towards a respective audience. The content can be defined with information, brand messaging and stories presented in various forms such as images, videoes, websites or with the help of widgets.

Upload content

A DatabeatOMNI user can publish the content and decide where, when and how the content is shown on the screens. When publishing, you can easily decide when to schedule the content within specified timeframes, such as dates, the hour of the day, weeks. You can also schedule weather dependent content.


Title: Set a title of the media file.

Description (Optional): A short description of the media file.

Duration: Set the duration of the picture or web-page. 

Duration is unabled for video. Duration of video will set the value. 

Release: Set the date release date of the file. 

Expire: Set the expire date of the file. 

Volume: Enable of disable sound.

Only available for videos.

Schedule: Uncheck the box for playblock to schedule the uploaded files. Select between schedule and 24/7. There's also an option to limit playback based on temperature and weather.  

Click Publish to finalize the uploading process when all settings has been set. 

The status-column will indicate if the media file has been uploaded successfully.