How to publish content in DatabeatOMNI

Learn how to publish content to a screen

There are 2 types of platforms, "simplified view" and "advanced view". Those customers who have subscribed to OMNI has only the "simplified view" available for administration. OMNI+ and OMNIpro customers have both "simplified view" and "advanced view" available. In this article pictures of both platforms will be shown in order to demonstrate how to publish content. 

Landing page

Simplified view:

forside sim

Advanced view:forside adv

Add a channel by clicking on the pluss-icon to the right:

Simplified view:

legg til kanal sim

Advanced view:legg til kanal adv

Fill out with with relevant information:

Simplified view:Fylle inn info sim

Advanced view:Fylle inn info adv

Publish desired content by clicking on one of the available options:

Simplified view:

publish sim

Advanced view:publish adv

Select the desired player/screen:

Simplified view:select a player sim


Advanced view:select a player adv

Select the desired channel:

Simplified view:select the desired channel sim

Advanced view:select the desired channel adv


To publish content to a screen, you need a channel. All new DatabeatOMNI accounts will contain a channel by default, and you can create as many channels as you like. The interface for publishing content will vary depending on which license model you have, however the logic remains the same.

Choose video, image or webpage -> Schedule playtime -> Publish

  • To publish a website: Copy and paste URL
  • To publish a local file: Open file explorer and click ‘Open’.

Note: In ‘Simplified View’, you will need to click on ‘Plan’ once you have chosen the files you want to publish.

Follow the steps below to publish an image, video, or webpage:

Title: Set a title for the media file.

Description (Optional): A short description of the media file.

Duration: Set how long you wish the media file to show on the screen.

Release: Set the date from when the media file should be active and display on your screen.

Expire: Set your expiry date (when the file should stop displaying on your screen).

Product ID (Optional): To show prices from a database. Needs integration.

Link to (Optional): To show prices from a database. Needs integration.

Volume: Choose if your media file should have volume or not. Only available for videos.

Playblocks: Uncheck the playblock box if you wish to set a limit on when the media file should display based on hours or weekdays, or set the time to 24/7. You can also set playtime to be weather dependent, i.e. to show specific content when it's sunny or raining.

When all settings have been set, click ‘Publish’ to publish the media file or webpage. Give the file a couple of seconds to upload to the server before continuing. The ‘Status’ row will indicate if the media file has been uploaded successfully.