How to review the DatabeatOMNI – Business application’s permissions in Azure AD.

If you have set up your DatabeatOMNI account to integrate with your Microsoft 365 tenant you may need to review or document the permissions. Here is how to do it in your Azure Active Directory.

You can review your DatabeatOMNI – Business application's permissions in your Azure Active Directory tenant under Enterprise Applications/Security/Permissions.

If you want to learn more directly from Microsoft’s own documentation on the subject please open the external link: How to review permissions granted to applications

To get a better understanding of the permissions you have granted we recommend that you check out the Permission Details and description for each active permission.

I.E. note the difference in the permission type Delegated and Application.
Delegated type means that "this application may act on behalf of a user as the user him or herself for this particular permission". While the Application type means that "this application itself may act for this particular permission".


If you need to edit the integration level settings you can review your current settings for the Microsoft 365 integration in DatabeatOMNI.

  1. Sign in to your DatabeatOMNI account
  2. Select the Locations tab
  3. Select the Integration settings icon on the relevant location
  4. Select the Microsoft 365 icon to review current integration settings.

    For more information please check the article:
    How to link DatabeatOMNI to Microsoft 365