How to link DatabeatOMNI Digital Signage to Office 365?

For increased security, Office 365 Global Admin control, and to enable exciting and future Office 365 integrations, the DatabeatOMNI Office 365 link has been modified. Here is how to set up the link:

Note: This will be valid from DatabeatOMNI version 20.3.30.

When you log in, kindly Refresh your browser by pressing Ctrl + R

Note to Existing users:
Customers that already have linked their Office calendars to DatabeatOMNI, ie Doorsign and Overview screens must re-link following the same procedure.

It must be done before April 31st 2020, after which existing links will be disabled.

Note: This requires an Office 365 Global Admin (GA) login

What to do?

First, Global Admin must grant DatabeatOMNI application rights to read the Office 365 calendar. This right will be used by the Databeat players (OMNIplayer) to read, display and save content to/from your calendar. On-screen booking (Book now!) requires write-access.

Then, DatabeatOMNI access rights, as well as Office 365, is based on Groups memberships. You can decide whether you want these groups to be controlled and stored in DatabeatOMNI only, or if you want these roles to be linked and controlled with Office 365 Group Management.

Table of content

Where and How

Configure Doorsign

Configure Overview

Doorsign options explained

Overview options explained


Where and How

  • In DatabeatOMNI main UI. Select Locations - > Info (NO: Lokasjoner -> Info)

location tab databeatomni


  • Select the main customer location (pair of hands icon).

lokasjoner tab 1

Select Calendar option and Grant Application Rights

  • At the bottom of the Info page, click on the calendar icon
    connect with calendar databeat  

    calendar position
  • In the popup window, choose your calendar application. In this case, choose Office 365
    Merknad 2020-04-15 105919113
  • Click on the Office365 calendar type icon

Office 365 will display a window and ask you to confirm Office 365 Permissions. 

Enable Elevated Databeat OMNI permissions.

Press Grant App Permissions in the lower right corner. 


Merknad 2020-04-15 10591911

The connection is now verified as linked to Office 365

Merknad 2020-04-15 111843

Doorsign now needs to be configured to show the different type of signs. 

Click on the buttons for the different door signs.

doorsign resources and other meetingroom

  • Meeting Rooms.
  • Equipment/ other recourses
  • People
  • Overview

New tabs are now visible for the selected type of door signs. 

different type of calendars

And you are done! 

Now OMNI will only use user delegation permissions on behalf of the logged in user and our OMNIplayers will use App delegation permissions to show Doorsign content. 

Below there is a guide to configure Doorsign and Overview.

Configure Doorsign

In each of the tabs, there is now possible to configure the different types of door signs 

Rooms, Recourses and People have the same setup. 

The guide will here show how to set up meeting rooms. 

Configure Rooms

In the tab for rooms press the + in the upper right corner to add rooms. 

doorsign info

Choose the Office 365 groups to add the rooms from. 

And then select the rooms to create door signs.  

One or more groups is to be selected.

Press Add.

Rooms to be selected needs to be in an Office 365 group to be accessible for Doorsign. 

calendar filter

New rooms are now added 

Here two rooms had been added. 

Now the doors signs can be configured to create the player ID /Licence # 

rooms defined

Select the room to be configured by:

  • Double click on the room or 
  • Click on the pencil

meeting room selected

Meeting room configuration

In this window, you can now configure the display of the Doorsign.

The preview is the actual display that will be visible on the Doorsign screen. 

interface calendar digital signage

Press Save and the Doorsign configuration is finished.


In the list of doors signs the Licence # is now created

This is the licence # needed to set up the Doorsign Screen.   

Info meeting room



The Doorsign options explained.

There is a lot of advanced options for the Doorsign setup. 

Here is all fo the options explained below. 

Merknad 2020-04-15 1118432

  1. Description of the meeting room, visible in the list of door signs
  2. The capacity of the meeting room, visible in the list of door signs
  3. Which calendar used for this Doorsign setup
  4. Thumbnail of the Doorsign, visible in the list of door signs
  5. Background picture for the Doorsign, if Doorsign Template Channel is not used
  6. Editing and changing the Doorsign template. Needs Editor Rights to change
  7. Background of Doorsign, Channel or Picture.
  8. Preview of the actual display of Doorsign
  9. Add tag for this Doorsign. Tags explained here. 
  10. Department dropdown, editable fields
  11. Directions of the meeting room
  12. Titles will be truncated/scrolling
  13. Enable Touch
  14. Enable PowerSave. Uses Service Hours to turn on/off the screen
  15. Start using meeting room automatically or manually. Auto start according to the meeting set in the calendar. Manual needs to be started at the Doorsign panel outside the meeting room. 
  16. Prepare time for meetings when manual start is chosen. Not possible to make drop in bookings close to next meeting than the prepare time is set.  
  17. Release time for the meetingroom if manual s chosen. If meeting not manual started according to time set, the room will be available at the Doorsign screen and tin the calendar for the meeting room. 
  18. Deleting the Doorsign
  19. Save the setup of the Doorsign.


Configure Overview

In each of the tabs, there is now possible to configure the different types of door signs

The guide will here show how to set up Databeat Overview.

In the tab for overview press the + in the upper right corner to add new overview.

overview doorsign

To configure Databeat Overview, choose the Office 365 groups to show. 

 Give the Overview a name and press Save

Rooms, people or equipment to be selected needs to be in an Office 365 group to be accessible for Databeat Overview.


filter and select calendar and view on screen


Now the new Overview is made, and the Player ID/ Licence # is visible and ready to be entered to the Overview screen.  

screen selector

The Overview options explained.

what does digital signage calendar do?


  1. Name of the Overview 
  2. Starttime and endtime of the overview screen
  3. Preview of the Overview. 
  4. Scrolling title when too many characters to show on screen. 
  5. Search meeting rooms, equipment or people 
  6. Change of the Overview template. 
  7. Select which recourse to be shown on the overview screen. 
  8. Search groups in Office 365
  9. Delete the Overview
  10. Save the Overview.