How to rotate content on OMNIplay3

With OMNIplay3 you have the option to rotate the content freely. Here's how you can do it.


You must have a mouse connected to the USB Slave port/slot of the OMNIplay3 player in order to rotate the screen.


  • Enter Settings on the OMNIplay3
    • Remote Control: Press "Left Arrow" on the remote control for OMNIplay3.
    • Computer Mouse: Move the cursor to the top of the screen, click and drag down. A window will be pulled down from the top. Click on the green icon as shown below. 

Settings Icon OMNIplay3 Android

  • Scroll down to "ScreenRotateSettings"
    • Android version 5.1 or older: Go to "Display".
  • Verify that "Show the screenrotate button in the statusbar" is marked.

ScreenRotateSetting Rotate Icon Android OMNIplay3

  • Down on the statusbar, you will find a icon to rotate the content 90 degrees. 

Connect a computer mouse and click on the green icon in the statusbar as displayed in the picture above to rotate the content 90 degrees.