What is the Databeat OMNIplay app?

The Databeat OMNIplay app is a software application made for various hardware. OMNIplay works with DatabeatOMNI and is required to play digital signage content on display as scheduled and designed.

What is the Databeat OMNIplay app?

The Databeat OMNIplay is a licensed software application available through DatabeatOMNI. The app is the binding between you and your audience looking at the display - giving you the possibility to play your content when and where you want it to.

OMNIplay is our digital signage player, using a license key to activate and display content. The license can be obtained from the DatabeatOMNI platform or in OMNIstore. 

DatabeatOMNI is a complete and unlimited screen publishing platform. It’s free to sign up and we offer a 30-day free trial for each OMNIplay license to ensure your digital signage solution is well suited and covers your needs as a user. We have three available licenses today. 

  • OMNI
  • OMNI+
  • OMNIpro
  You can read more about them here

What kind of hardware is supported with OMNIplay? 

OMNIplay is commonly used with public displays with System-on-Chip (SoC) technologies. The app can be manually installed on supported hardware through predefined URLs.

If you are already invested in displays without SoC, we can recommend an external media player (OMNIplay3) that connects to the device through HDMI. 

OMNIplay is flexible when it comes to supported hardware platforms. Opposed to few options, we want our customers to be able to choose from a wide varity of hardware for digital signage.

You can read more on which hardware platforms we officially support and integrate with, and how you can install the app on each here.

Two kinds of integration

Digital signage is typically meant to be a fully automatic service, where users are intended to do as little as possible. Because this is considered an essential feature for digital signage, we have worked closely with vendors to construct OMNIplay to be as close to a fully automatic software as possible. With that being said, not everyone support such features, and we are left with two different types of integrations for OMNIplay. 

Automatic integration

For those who support such features we are able to provide a automatic integration. This integration allows us to do extra features.

  • Automatic start-up of app when device is rebooted or powered on. 

  • Automatic update of software.

  • Remote access.

  • Read hardware configuration.

Manual integration

Manual integrations work as well as automatic when it comes to playing content, but for operational issues, more work will be required from the user. Typically it requires the user to start and update the application, and remote control is less available. Manual OMNIplay can be found for Android, Microsoft and Amazon.