When I log in, the account is an empty demo account

This article is for you who logs in with Microsoft 365, Google or other external authentication methods and ends up in an empty account.


The reason you end up in an empty account is simply because the server was not able to authenticate your login to a user that has the same e-mail address as what you logged in with.

When logging in with an external authentication method, our server will check the e-mail address (UPN) that you used for your authentication. If the e-mail does not correspond, the server will assume you are a new customer and will therefore treat you as a new customer, giving you access to an empty demo account for you to test our functionalities.

The fix

The way to solve this issue is to make sure that the e-mail address corresponds to what you are trying to authenticate yourself with.
If your earlier authentication method is a standard e-mail and password, please log in via "Legacy Login" and navigate to the "User" tab.
Find your relevant user and make sure that the e-mail address is the same as what your M365 or Google e-mail is. Once they are the same, you will be able to use an external authentication method.

There can be cases where you are not allowed to use external authentication methods due to the security configuration of your tenant, such as in M365. In this case, an admin has to allow your e-mail to be used for external authentication methods, so please contact your Entra administrator.

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact Databeat Support.

For more information, please read the Logging in with Microsoft 365 article.